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About Us

Renaissance Victoria
A leading Israeli rehab center

Since 1998

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The Israeli addictions treatment center "Renaissance" has a state license from the Israeli Ministry of Health, and has been operating since 1998.
Our center specializes in the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. People often turn to us for help after they tried everything, but nothing was sufficient. We extend a helping hand even in seemingly hopeless situations . For each patient we offer an individually assembled course of treatment, and an integrated approach to the problem .
The course of treatment is in several stages, sequentially addressing problems.

Start living with a new clean slate! We will push you to get motivated and help you reinvent true meaning in life!

Licensed Medical Institution
for treatment of drug & alcohol users

Why our patients choose us:

No language barrier

Our staff is speaks in English, Russian and Hebrew

Full support

Availability of a personal curator throughout the rehabilitation process

Affordable prices

Prices for treatment in Israel are much lower than European and American

High success rate

More than 8,000 patients have been successfully treated for drug addiction and alcoholism with us!

Complete anonymity

We guarantee our patients complete anonymity and confidentiality
Success Stories
For me, the Renaissance center became the place of my second birth. According to many doctors, I was an incurable alcoholic and drug addict, but at the Renaissance center they believed in me and gave me hope. And a miracle happened! After 16 months, I was discharged with a diagnosis of "healthy". I am grateful to my family that they turned to the Renaissance clinic for help. Thanks for the new life!

– Nik

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